A Minimalistic, Dependency-Free and Comfortable to Use Framework

Language C++
Framework Qt5/6
License LGPL-3.0

Welcome to the Erbsland Qt TOML Parser, an exceptional and robust TOML parser perfectly suited for both Qt5 and Qt6 frameworks. Crafted to fully adhere to the TOML 1.0 specifications while also embracing the evolving TOML 1.1 draft, this parser stands at the forefront of compatibility and standard compliance. Its foundation in modern, streamlined C++ code ensures not only ease of use but also simplifies inspection and understanding for developers.

One of the standout attributes of our parser is its rigorous and reliable UTF-8 parsing capability, designed to function independently of the Qt library. This ensures a higher level of precision and security. Going beyond basic data retrieval, the Erbsland Qt TOML Parser offers a unique value structuring system. This system meticulously tracks the start and end points of each parsed table and value, significantly enhancing the clarity and usefulness of error messages and feedback.

Key Features

  • Fully compliant with TOML 1.0 and TOML 1.1 specifications, ensuring up-to-date standards.
  • Designed as a dependency-free solution to maximize compatibility across various systems.
  • Robust and secure, guaranteeing reliability and safety in usage.
  • Compatible with both Qt5 and Qt6, offering flexibility for different development environments.
  • Features a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced users.
  • Built on a modern, clean C++ code base, ensuring efficient and maintainable development.
  • Implements strict UTF-8 parsing, operating independently of the Qt library for enhanced reliability.
The Erbsland Qt TOML parser is ready to be included as a git submodule in your project and can be linked as a static library. Thanks to its lack of dependencies, it is highly flexible and can be conveniently incorporated into any build system.

Ready to Start?

Using the Erbsland Qt TOML Parser is straightforward. Please have a look at our Quick Start Tutorial, that explains how to setup a Qt project using CMake to parse TOML configuration files.

Sources and License

Find all the sources of Erbsland Qt TOML Parser on GitHub. We’ve licensed the project under the GNU Lesser General Public License. This means you’re free to use the Erbsland Qt TOML Parser not just in open-source projects, but also in proprietary software, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to your specific needs.