A Showcase of Our Work

Welcome to our project showcase! Here, we present a comprehensive collection of our public and open-source projects. Each project offers a window into its goals, the technology stack employed, and provides access to detailed documentation and source files.

As you delve into our projects, you’ll recognize the Erbsland DEV signature in each one – a fusion of innovative thinking, technical prowess, and a focus on user experience. Our passion for what we do is evident, and we hope that our projects not only demonstrate our commitment but also inspire collaboration and creativity in this exciting field.

Erbsland Maze Generator

The Erbsland Maze Generator is an advanced, open-source tool designed for crafting intricate, rectangular mazes. It boasts the capability to export mazes in SVG format, catering to a wide array of applications from graphic design to 3D modeling. With its robust customization options, users can tailor maze configurations to suit specific project needs, including varied endpoint designs for a mix of interconnected or secluded paths.
Language Python
License GPL-3.0

Erbsland Qt TOML Library

The Erbsland Qt TOML Parser is a highly reliable, secure TOML parser tailored for seamless integration with Qt5 and Qt6 environments. It aligns with the TOML 1.0 specification and supports the draft of TOML 1.1. This parser is crafted using modern C++ practices, ensuring ease of use and comprehension. A key aspect of this parser is its strict, independent UTF-8 parsing mechanism.
Language C++
Framework Qt5/6
License LGPL-3.0

Erbsland UnitTest

Erbsland UnitTest is a lightweight, dependency-free unit testing framework designed for C++ applications. Easy to integrate and use, it’s the ideal tool for developers seeking a simple yet powerful testing solution.
Language C++
License LGPL-3.0

Fast File Encryption

The Fast File Encryption is an open-source, streamlined file encryption tool, optimal for encrypting medium to large files, including those up to terabyte size. It utilizes asymmetric RSA keys for encryption and decryption, allowing secure storage of the public key on a server. This design ensures ease of use while maintaining robust security for file encryption.
Language Python
License Apache License 2.0