Pioneering in Software Development

Welcome to Erbsland DEV, where our passion for code shapes the future of software innovation. Founded by Tobias Erbsland, a seasoned software developer with over 30 years of experience, our company is dedicated to the art and science of software development, driven by a commitment to quality and efficiency.

Our Foundation

Deep Technical Expertise

At the heart of Erbsland DEV is a profound understanding of software engineering. Tobias, a Swiss native, brings a rich expertise in numerous programming languages and software development methodologies. This strong technical foundation underpins our approach to every project, ensuring we deliver solutions that are not just effective, but also innovative and forward-thinking.

Our Approach

Tailored Software Solutions, Exceptional Quality

At Erbsland DEV, we are passionate about creating software that addresses the diverse needs of the open-source community. Our expertise ranges from developing robust C++ applications and libraries to crafting state-of-the-art Python-based web apps. Our approach is meticulously results-driven, dedicated to the advancement and enrichment of open-source software.

By deeply engaging with each project’s requirements, we ensure that our contributions are not just functional but also finely tuned to serve the broader community. Our strength lies in our versatility and commitment to using the right tools for the right task. This flexibility allows us to adapt to various challenges and continuously contribute high-quality, relevant, and innovative software.


Our Edge

Precision and Innovation in Software Development

What distinguishes Erbsland DEV is our ability to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with proven software engineering principles. Our projects are a testament to this blend - software that excels in performance and reliability, backed by innovative thinking and technical excellence. We’re not just developers; we’re pioneers in the software field, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.