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Welcome to ERBSLAND DEV, where software development isn’t just our profession — it’s our passion. We’re dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable software solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. We believe that every line of code is a step towards innovation, and we’re committed to ensuring that each project we undertake is a testament to our expertise and love for technology.

Featured Projects

A Showcase of Our Work

Erbsland FORMER

Efficiently edit and manage large volumes of text through AI, automated and manual processes.

Language Python
Framework Django
License GPL-3.0

Erbsland FORMER is a tool designed to efficiently manage and transform large volumes of text through OpenAI’s ChatGPT API, regular expressions and manual edits. This application was designed for tasks like maintaining software documentation, mass processing code, and correcting and translation of whole books, papers and articles. With its project based architecture, the app is designed to be used by small teams or individuals.

Erbsland Qt TOML Library

A Minimalistic, Dependency-Free and Comfortable to Use Framework

Language C++
Framework Qt5/6
License LGPL-3.0

The Erbsland Qt TOML Parser is a highly reliable, secure TOML parser tailored for seamless integration with Qt5 and Qt6 environments. It aligns with the TOML 1.0 specification and supports the draft of TOML 1.1. This parser is crafted using modern C++ practices, ensuring ease of use and comprehension. A key aspect of this parser is its strict, independent UTF-8 parsing mechanism.

Erbsland Maze Generator

Advanced Maze Generation Tool for Creative and Technical Applications

Language Python
License GPL-3.0

The Erbsland Maze Generator is an advanced, open-source tool designed for crafting intricate, rectangular mazes. It boasts the capability to export mazes in SVG format, catering to a wide array of applications from graphic design to 3D modeling. With its robust customization options, users can tailor maze configurations to suit specific project needs, including varied endpoint designs for a mix of interconnected or secluded paths.